About Locomore

About Us

Locomore extra train makes your extra train accessible to everyone who needs an extra train: for private parties and events, for company outings of all kinds, for marketing campaigns. From the year 2024, we are also planning our own holiday charter services to various tourist destinations in Germany and Europe.

We, Berliner Bahnservice, are the new company of Locomore founder Derek Ladewig. Here, some old colleagues from the environment of Locomore and Leo Express GmbH have come together again. Berliner Bahnservice provides a wide variety of services for various railways, including train accompaniment in passenger transport, shunting activities, mobile maintenance and train cleaning. We currently have around 40 employees and are counting on further growth (unsolicited applications are always welcome!).


Locomore was founded in 2007 and developed business models for private long-distance transport in competition with DB AG. Locomore initiated the joint venture Hamburg-Köln-Express (HKX) with RDC Germany. The HKX operated between Hamburg and Cologne from 2012 to 2016. Financed by a crowdfunding, the Locomore Berlin - Stuttgart was launched from December 2016 to May 2017 with passenger coaches specially modernized for Locomore. After an interruption due to insolvency, the Locomore train started again in August 2017 on the previous Berlin - Stuttgart connection with the new partners Leo Express and FlixTrain until the first Corona lockdown in March 2020. As FlixTrain started operations after the lockdown with a uniform coach park, the Locomore train was in use in different places during 2022, including but not limited to the Locomore ExtraTrain by order of DB Regio Bayern from July 2, 2022 to August 28, 2022 as amplifier trains for the 9 €-Ticket every Saturday and Sunday between Munich and Nuremberg.

If you are interested in the story of the beginning of Locomore, you can find more here in the Archive.